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A Few Questions about my relationships

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I have just realised that things happen when you least expected, I used to keep my hopes up and things just don't happen when I dothat. I also used to have this crush, I made so many mistakes with this one, I told everyone I liked her, I didn't do much around her, and in the end she gave me a message saying "I don't like you, I only like you as a friend", so I left it as that and moved on, but I can't really move on until I get some questions answered so I can start anew (not change myself entirely, but learn from some of my mistakes).


1) Someone told me that if you show people that you don't like them, they'll end up liking you or something? I mean, for example, show your crush that you don't like them when your around them. I don't really get this concept and I want to know what it really means.


2) What do I do so I can get accepted in a group? I sometimes feel I'm an outsider of my own group of friends, maybe because I've become paranoid and distant myself from them or something. I'm not really that popular, and it seems that everyone ignores or forgets about me.


3) How serious are people these days? I always get scared that I offend people or bother people and then I start to act weird, now some people think I'm a freak or something.


4) Not good to be obsessed or show your obsessed these days eh? Yes Or No?

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Hi there,



Wow, this chick really messed with your head!! Don't let this happen!


Listen, when it comes to dating there are no SET rules. Everyone is unique and special, that's why we all love to date (until we find our soulmates).


If someone doesn't like you, WHO CARES!! The question should be, do I like myself? If the answer is yes, then keep on steeping honey! You deserve someone that gets you!! Whether your weird, wacky or strange there is someone out there that will love it!


If you don't like something about yourself, then change it. For example, I know for a fact that I am soooooo bossy!!! I mean truly bossy!! I don't like that! So what do I do? I made a conscious effort to stop myself or correct my actions when a) I noticed I was being bossy or b) when someone told me I was being bossy


You will see that in life you will fall for people that will reject you but you know what? EVERYONE, AT SOME POINT, GETS REJECTED TOO!! You are not a freak because you do! I hope my input helped.


Good luck sweetie!

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1) I have no idea how t oanswer this, but its damn true. This girl I know was like that. As soon as I began to show that I liked her... she backed off?


2) Hey, dont stress over the whole thing. I'm the same as are most people. If you dont feel like you fit in with your 'friends' then maybe you should renegotiate who your true friends are. Dont do things for popularity.


3) Yah, just human nature I say. Sometimes I say something then go all quiet etc. cause I am afraid I may have offended them.


4) NO. If you are obssessed or in love (cause their pretty much the same) dont go showin your special other. Not good, really doesnt work to much. From experience dude.

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