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i need patience

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i've been coping-dealing with being far away from the guy i love. it makes it even more difficult when i constantly must call to continue some communication between us. i really can't tell if he'll ever want to trust me to have romantic feelings/a strong relationship.

i had a habit of shutting myself off- but i have confessed that it would never happen again and that i needed his support. i needed him to believe me that i'm trying and taking steps for myself to be healthy with constructing stable relationships.

he accepts it, but from a distance. i don't know what to do. i want to talk to him everyday about everything in life, but i feel he would take it as "me trying to convince him of something". i feel i would make it worse. i'm extremely independent, but i need his companionship and him in my future- to love and communicate. how do i remain patient and let him know i'm waiting for him and devoted to him?

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If he is having doubts or trust issues, he may be playing it safe, not wanting to get hurt again, if its your independent nature that is bothering him, then you need to show him he is needed, and wanted.


Try and do stuff together if you can, and try your hardest to be who you want to become. if the person that he wants is something your not capable of being then its just not going to work. If YOU believe you have a fault that needs correction, well thats another story, you need to put effort into bettering yourself.


Youll need to give this guy time, dont come on too strong, and dont make every conversation heavy with "relationship" issues. keep it light. dont go telling him stuff like, "see, i didnt do that like i used to" or "see how I have changed?" etc. have fun, tell jokes, ask him for help and favors.


He wants to feel needed and wanted, not told those things, actions speak louder than words.

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