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Frustrated about love

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Hey Everyone!


Right now I'm feeling that I'm going to be condemned for the rest of my life to be "girl-less". You see, I just can't make the grade when it's about girls. Most of my feelings have ended in just obsesions. Is it ok for my age? (I'm 14) I think I'm too nervous, I choose wrong ways of catching someone's attention and thereforeeee, I "send" the wrong message to them.


Sometimes, when I try to talk to a girl I really like, I try to think about what I'm going to say, but when the moment arrives, I just stand there frozen. Also, It seems that I'm afraid to lose; there have been times that I'm almost decided to go and tell that someone my feelings, but I regret in the last moment, so it ends up in nothing. I wonder if I could stop falling in love, or if I should wait for the other person to move first or if I'll have to be without that someone special to love for the rest of my life.


Any help would be really appreciated,



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Your 14 years old. Love shouldnt be in your mind yet. Your mixed up because your hormones are acting up. Your a boy... play the field - have fun with your teenage years. Your not "falling in love" with every girl. Its just feelings... maybe strong ones... i think you should get to know the person real well before you can tell them your feelings. Because if you tell them your feelings to fast, they might feel the same way, than next thing you know - shes not all you thought!


good luck!

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Hon, not to sound degrading, but you're FOURTEEN. You have SO much time ahead of you...why are you rushing this so much? God, I wasn't even THINKING about dating at 14....


Relax. You're SO young, and new to girls....your time WILL come, I promise you that!! Until then, build up your skills....talk to your female friends, find out what they like to talk about, where they like to go, what they like to do....all of this will serve you for the future when you DO find that person you think is special that you want to be with!



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