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Why do i have to be so SHY?!?!


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Ok... Everytime I see this girl I like around school I freeze up and end up not saying anything to her at all. I have been dying to say at least "hi" and her name for some time now, but every single stupid time I just can't make myself do it! For example today she came into my classroom to deliver the teacher a note and dispite me sitting right next to the door, I couldn't even manage to say hey and her name. What is wrong with me? and how do i boost my confidence? HELP PLEASE!

~thanks ahead of time

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have confidence...thats all i can say...when i started skoo i was like that too...but i just thought of the years i would have ahead without frends, and i dint want that...anyways wut are u shy about?

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Do you like yourself? Do you think you're someone exceptionnal, great, unique? Are you proud of yourself?


If the answer is no to any of those question, you've got your answer right there, the very reason why you're shy.


Saying no, will bring another set of questions: What makes me such a great person? What have I done that I'm proud of? etc.. Answering those questions will drive the shyness away (with time)


If you said yes to all, I see no reason why you shouldn't go for it.


So you see, only you hold the solution and the answers you seek.


Omega Man

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Hey my name's Starlette and I'm willing to help you out.

Well, I know what it's like to be so shy because I was like that when I first came into my current school... Then I met this girl called asnjanette who was really nice but I damaged that friendship for what could be forever, it was never the same anymore.

Anyway, maybe you're just not trying hard enough.. Make yourself smile.. When you feel a freeze coming on think of what could happen.. Think of the good things that could result from trying. What's the worst thing she could do? I'm sure she'd at least like to be your friend. Try that.

I don't know how or why exactly I got together with my boyfriend. We felt somehing for each other but we didn't dare talk about it. Next thing my friend Lili told us and we just ended up hooking up the next day.

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ok first I'm not going to jst TELL u to have confidence, im going to tell u wat to DO. lol, yea i sound gay. anyways, I was like that until I was in high skool. dont worry there are alot of ppl like u out there, here is what you have to understand, if you go talk to a girl u like there are 50% of chance u will get rejected and 50% you will get her number. But if u DONT talk to her then there is 0% you will get to know her, so you have to get over your shyness and start talking to grls. How? the nxt time you see a hot sumwhere, go say hi to her and WALK AWAY. She will know you are doing that to be polite, but you are doing that to build experience with a grl, as u get bored saying hi to them, try to make friend with them now, i noe its kind of a huge step, but u can either stay at home or you can go party with them after u make friends with them. Anyways the point is to build experience, and by doing that creats a snowball effect, the more grl u talk to the better ur chance will be getting their #. GL man hope this helps.

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O yea 1 more thing, if u dont score this grl there are many more out there around 10 billions of them, so dont worry if u cant get a date with jst one grl, be presistant and move on like the rejection is nothing to u, if one grl dont want u, than its her lose, another grl would be glad to have u in her arms and maybe even in bed. So dont be like "wat did I do wrong?!?!" and bang ur head against the wall when u get rejected, jst go like watever and walk away. Cuz that way u wont be banging ur head but sumthing else. >=D

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