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Hey guys just curious, I have been back in the game now for 5 months and (it does get easier).


For anyone wondering, I was dumped in my last relationship for the good old 'it's not you it is me' excuse. My method to overcome it was to cut contact 100% and I feel better for doing it.


Anyway, onto the topic - so I have two potential girls on the go right now, I believe I can have either as a girl friend and I am pleased to be in this position (rather than hurting cause 1 girl does not want me).


Still how ever, I do sometimes think of my ex and how things were and I still think of her compared to the 2 new girls and whether they're 'good enough'.


Do you think it is fair that I follow up with 1 or the other of the new girls despite my still thinking of my ex? I like both the new girls but I am taking it as it comes.


Just so anyone out there should know - if you're heartbroken don't ever give up!

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It's only natural for you to think of your ex. You can't just sever memories.


Anyhow, before you get serious with any girl, you must make sure that you have settled down issues or questions, baggages of your last relationship. If you have, then you are ready to officially move on...


Good Luck!

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I agree with what everyone else has said. People who are important in your life, just aren't removed when you break up with them.


Some don't ever leave. I've been broken up with a guy 7 months, and I STILL compare guys I am seeing/thinking about seeing to him. I've been doing it far less now than I used to, but I think because the way that relationship was, I will always compare relationships to him.


Just don't go and blab it to the girls all the time. It gets annoying, I know, I've been told by guys to shut up.

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