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Well, i sent her an email telling her I was unavailble to go shopping.

She called me today sounding very pissed.

She said my email was curt and that she's not to be taken for granted or treated like an ass. She then layed into me non-stop for about an hour how I hurt her and yada yada yada. As much As I've admitted my wrong doings and how much effect all this has had on me she was interrupting constantly.

I admitted all of my wrongdoings but told her how much she has meant to me and will always mean to me, and how sorry I am.

When people ask her why she left me she told me she says she was either going to break up with me or marry me...and she thinks she made the best decision for both of us. Sigh.

It's going to take many years I believe to get over all of this.

thanks for yoru support...


God give me the strength to feel whole again

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i know it's tough. especially when she's being cold. but the thing is, i only see her being cold cause she feels guilty. you've appologized and everything, but she's still angry? what did u say to her to get her so flustered? it sounds like she needs some time to cool off. it's funny, but just staying away from someone can really clear the air. i know where you're at in the phases of breaking up. no contact is the key. maybe one last time to let her know that you care for very much, have always loved her and still do and that you're sorry for ever hurting her. maybe in a letter or something. keep it short and nice. then don't talk to her. the sooner you do this, the sooner you'll move on and the quicker she'll start to realize what she misses. good luck.

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break up or marry you uh? Pretty strong, but very true. If you couldn't see yourself growing old with her and having children... after 2.5 years of trying maybe the breakup was best. But.... I say, don't get mad at her, don't yell or be mean. Just be striaght forward but calm. Avoid her.... but don't refuse her. If she wants you to go shopping. I say you go. Make sure you remain clear with how you feel, but don't over react.


She treated you bad though.... another guy a week before. Though don't get angry... cause then you lose... not to her... but to hate.


corny but true

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