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Love is PAINFUL and BEAUTIFUL (damn paradox)

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Hello everyone. Theres this girl I work with, (I have written here about her several times), and I am madly in love with her. Now briefly, she loves me, we've talked about it. She knows me better than I know myself, and I could say the same about her. She knows my most intimate secrets and my most personal ideas. We have talked about life together and how it could be. Problem- the situation made it impossible for us to get together. It all had to do with her ex-boyfriend. But now that is kinda sorted.


We are going through rough times (we never have fights or anything, but we are a bit down about how much we want eachother- you'll understand if you have ever loved someone) and we havent spoken for several nights (we use to call for several hours each night). Anyway, last night she sent me a message:


"[my name] I miss the way things use to be. I miss you, I miss talking, I miss knowing that we had something special. I keep waiting for something to happen that wont"


I reply


"Have faith. trust me on this one, don't give in. I would have made a move by now if it hadn't been for the situation. It will work if you want it to"


She says


"I don't know anymore. Im sorry for all of this I really am. I can't call. I wont let myself"


What is going through her mind? Girls help with this part. Any guys too. I know how we feel about eachother. Is it worth fighting? I think so. I'm worried a she doesnt. Help me please...

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prince dont give up! it certainly is worth fighting for.


im so happy to see that you both care for eachother, which is what i gather from the messages. this is a confusing time, and uncertainty is in the air. but this is completely normal! i may not have direct experience, but i have friends who go through the same thing. i can say without a doubt that she cares for you deeply. so much that she's willing to hold back her desires because of the situation and wait until you are ready.


relationships are indeed rollercoasters, and going up has to always lead in going down. but the beauty of it is, that down in turn leads to up. it seems unfair that times like this have to happen. but trust in her, your own feelings and the relationship and you will get through. you will be grateful that you held on it in the end


~remember; the sweet aint as sweet without the sour~

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