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my names tony and im only 16 and i dated my girlfriend fro 9 months and we had a really strong relationship , we had a few fights but who doesnt? in the first few months we were best friends no fights no conflict or anything in about our 3rd month we started fighting a bit , and then things got better and then it went down and then it went up kinda like a love rollercoster anyways, around our 8 months things really went low , we started having huge fights over EVERYTHING if it was big small right wrong whatever it was there would be a fight and in our 9 months things went through the roof fighting every weekend and all weekend, she wanted to take a break but i said i didnt want to (mistake) and then she broke up with me , and got back together but i noticed she wasnt happy so i asked her about it, she told me she was taking a break and thats all

so this was on a thursday , she called me on saturday and told me she missed me and all, so we started talking but then my big mouth starts talking about US again and then she finnaly says she thinks its over and that she has to go,


after a few days of good thinking i realized how much of an idiot i was , i wouldnt let her go to the mall or the movies i was always with her and she never got time with her friends , and she said it wasnt my fault but she didnt know what she wants, but all of you know what she wanted, she wanted me to love her and give her space, and thats what i wanna do now but she just wont listen all she says is that she needs space im trying to give her space but im really hurting and i need to let her know somehow that i have and will change the way i act and treat her, i love her more then anything and i just want to make her happy and give her what she wants im scared she wont want me back, please give me advice,

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First of all, RELAX, you sound like you're practically hyperventilating! This isn't the end of the world. She wants space-give it to her. Let her know that you realized the mistakes you made in being so possessive of her time, and that you're sorry for that. But also let her know that you're willing to give her the time she wants because you love her and respect her, and that you learned that respect lesson a little late. It's not a major flaw, many people do it just because they want to be with the person they love. But keep in mind that you're both young, and of COURSE she's going to want to go out with her friends without you sometimes. It's not rejection, it's just that we all need a break from the person we're with every once in awhile, and time to enjoy our friends.


Give her that time she needs. If you want to wait, then do it. If you don't, then don't. That's your own decision. But just let her know that you value her in your life and that you're sorry you were sort of overbearing, and leave it in her hands from there. Pressuring her any further will only drive her away, she'll appreciate it much more that you do as she asks in this. Good luck, I sincerely hope it works out for you!



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