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How do i know if she is the one!!!!!!!

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Heres the deal, since the moment i saw her i have felt an amazing feeling, one that i cannot explain, something that i know i so right. Whats funny is for the first time i feel like i would die t loose her yet i havent really even talked to her


can someone please give me some advice on whether or not this girl is the one or if im going crazy


anything would be appreciated



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You definitely have to actually SPEAK to the girl first, my friend. No one, not us and not you yourself, can say if she's "the one" if you haven't even had one conversation with her!


I have to agree....you're infatuated with her outer beauty and anything you might have noticed of her personality in passing casually....this does NOT mean she's "the one."


Talk to her....say hello, start a conversation...find out if she's dating anyone else, if possible, so you know from the get-go. And after you've talked to her a bit, you'll get a feel for what kind of person she is, if she's interested in you, etc., and can work your way up to asking her out. But don't pin all your hopes on this one girl you don't even know yet, there could be a "one" out there you haven't even met yet! Good luck to you!

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