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Need a little help today

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There is this girl that know I like her, and I have had a few coversations with her before, she is very friendly. I am extremely shy and whenever I try to approch her she is always with a group of people I don't know. We see each other every day, but I never can get a chance to talk to her. Her friend told me that she doen't want a boyfriend or anything right now which I can understand. I just want to be her friend and get to know her better. I was wondering if she would think I am odd not really talking to her before with her knowing I like her, and then going up to her one day out of the blue and starting up a conversation. I know that she plays volleyball and likes to play the violin, and her friend told me I am the only one that likes her. I just need some advice on how to approch her to start up a conversation, and what I can talk to her about. I am going to see her tonight at school where the whole high school does a bunch of wacky childrens and 1950s songs. I would like to talk to her tonight, but I'm not sure if I should tell her she did good out on stage or talk about school, but she has no classes with me even though she is a grade lower. Since she doesn't want a boyfriend I just don't want her to think I'm weird. Thanks for reading!

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jus ask her how is she and wat shes been doing recently.she seems very friendly so jus approach her;like go up 2 her and beam her a smile.


ask questions but make sure its nt a list of questions one after another.feed from the answers tht she gives.ask questions bou her answers;wateva comes 2 mind.


alot of ppl are in the same situation;ive been there loads of times.if u wana get 2 no her,i believe thth this is the best way.


another situation could be tht u ask her 2 b alone wit u sometime.nt like a date,jus 2 chat.


hope its helps.post any progress.


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I don't really think it matters whether her friend said you are the only one that likes her or not.


If she doesn't want a boyfriend at the moment then you are not going anywhere but down the road to friends. If you ok with this then just be a friend to her as you would anyone else.


If this isn't enough for you (and only you know the answer to this) then you shouldn't try anything because she's not wanting a bf and she will see you as invading her space if you go and try to make a move on her.


You have to ask yourself what you really aim to achieve from this and then decide on the best course of action. Do you really just want to be friends or do you want more?

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