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*When every guy at work wants her

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Well at work there is this super hot sweet girl. She's 16. How exactly can a average guy like me stand out of the pack when virtually EVERY guy at work fancies her???


I mean she could have anyone she wants. seriously. She's got the personality, looks and she seems to make anyone comfortable when she talks to them.


How can a simple guy like myself compete with that. Oh and also she's 16 and her old boyfriend was 22, doesn't that seem a little odd? P.S. I'm 20.

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So is she definitely single at the moment???


Tip: Women love flowers!


Got some spare cash knocking around? - Go and find a local florist and send 12 Red Roses to her. I did this months ago and whilst I did get a phone call saying "Thanks, I not speak english, bye!" I then got a phone call a few months later from a interested woman who had been trying to learn english ever since.


You want to stand out from the crowd? - Be that friendly talkative guy who is always glad to see her and have a chat!.


Send her them 12 RR's and invite her to call if she's interested. Send them to her at work or wherever you know she will be with lots of people. When I did this my lady friend was with around 200 colleagues. Not only did I apparently make her the proudest woman on earth but she took the chance to show off her flowers to everyone amongst the company going from one room to another!. She's years older than me and has a kiddie aged 7 yrs. I never thought I'd stand a chance, but despite this we met last monday and have agreed to meet again some time when she has some time off work. She knows I am interested and she admitted a while back on the phone that she had been looking at me when she was in the UK (which was what inspired me to send her the RR's in the first place because there was so much eye contact).


My point being you make her look special infront of a lot of people, not only will she love being made to look special infront of her colleagues but she will also be curious as to who was brave enough to do it.


Card?: "From an admirer who'd like to be more, if you'd like to know me then please give me a call! "


You could simply just try to do the chat thing but if your not overly confident then that may not work aswell as you want it too. The roses tend to spell out "I like you" and do the hard work without you even having to open your mouth.


Let me say that if you don't make the move then someone else will. Wouldn't you kick yourself if that happened? - I know I kicked myself repeatedly when I thought I had let this lady slip without making a move. Thats when I did the RR treatment. Took her months to call me but she called and it was only the language barrier that stopped her calling sooner.


Just take a good long think about it and see what you can do!


Good luck,


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