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Hey need a little help here. Ive been going out with this girl for about 3 weeks and havent really been able to go on a date or anything with her so far because of important things we had to do, and just about yesterday she told me right after school tat she thought we should be just friends. Later on the same day a bunch of her friends call me and like they are all there and are asking if I would still go back out with her, and basically some people were bugging her to dump me. But, she still likes me luckily and so she was really sad. I think even more than i was. Anyway, a bunch of friends of mine tell me that i shouldnt go to the movies with her because going to the movies on a date is retarded. Im not sure what to do, and dont want to go to the movies with her if its just going to make things worse. Are the movies really all that bad? Also theres really only a limited amount of things to do up here, and she lives on military base so that makes things even a little worse. So theres not all the things that you can do in a big city up here in Alaska.


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my fiancee is from Alaska..ANYWAY, going to the movies isn't bad at all. If you are going on a first date you could go the movies and then dinner, atleast have something to talk about while at dinner. You could go mini golfing or something active like that. As for the outside people telling you this and that. Just do what you think is right for you in your heart. It's you and her in the relationship, not you, her, her friends or your friends. Hope that helped. Good luck and have fun on ur first date (whenever that will be)



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