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in love with an old friend

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Theres this guy that used to go my school.I really liked him the moment i saw him.Everyone knew i had the hugest crush on him including the teachers lol.He even knew also.we lived on the same street,He liked me for some period of time.I use to call him up and talk to him and talk online and all.So we were friends.The only problem there was that i could never get the courage to actually say hi to him AT school.I always studerred.Then he moved to another school and i thought i wouldnt see him again,but then when i went to a different school (different than his) he moved and went there also.weve seen eachother many times in the hall,I said hi to him this week,first words to him in 2 years.I feel so deeply for him and i would do almost anything for him,i even once talked to him ex to get back with him and it worked.He has a girlfriend,and i know i have to accept that.I know im in love with him.But hes not in love with me.he doesnt even notice me anymore....what if i had my chance with him? and now its gone......hes the only guy that ever did really like me,ive had a bad past with relationships with guys.hes the only one that ever stood out.And now im stuck with the question,what should i do?

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What should you do? Move on with life. It goes on. I'm not trying to sound mean, but I'm keeping it real with you. I think you said he has a girl, right? I know it may be tough, but if you make a conscious effort to move on, you will find mr. right. Besides, you never know what the future holds. Mr. Right could be this guy somewhere in the future. For now, move on.

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