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Need some Advice please


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Well there is this girl that I really like in college that I have met near the end of last school year and were in different dorms and was also nervous so I really didn't get to know her but talked occasionally and mentioned that I was attractive(but wasn't sure if she was serious about that comment or not). We got to know each other by our same tastes in music. At the beginning of this school year, we were both very surprised that we were assigned the same dorms this year and I see her almost every day now. A couple days ago, she said hi to me and she said "I want to show you showing on my computer" and grabbed my hand and brought me in her room with some guys and her roommate in the room.. and also mentioned on one occasion that she would visit my room that night(but never did)-I live in a single and have no roommate. However, I see her hanging out with a lot of guys and I'm not sure if she is involved with anyone.



What are some tell-tale signs that she likes me? and how do I indirectly ask her whether she is involved with anyone?



Also, I would like to remain friends with her for the whole school year...would asking her out ruin this if I am rejected?

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Hey. First up, i'd like 2 welcome u 2 enotalone on behalf of everyone. I'm sure u've taken a nice step towards finding support and advice from many ppl of various ages from around the world which will be around for a while.


If u wanna ask her out:

Isn't life all about takin chances? u shouldn't think bout things, just do it coz u kno, chances are u'll neva b able 2 predict the future. But life's just 2 short, screw thinkin twice.


What if he/she's just feelin what u're feelin, someone's gotta spill it out sonner or later, sure u might screw ur friendship ova for a while but at least he'll kno and u might get a chance in the future. Like me, i was in the same situation and now me and my really good friend's 2getha.


So what if u do screw up the friendship, if u're so close already, it'll just take some time b4 u're back 2 ur old friend style again coz like it's virtually impossible 2 drift away from best friends unless u don't do anything about it.


I think it's just u thinkin 2 much and worrying about things b4 they surpass but i suppose, sometimes ppl like 2 b prepared even tho there's just way 2 many possiblities lol "ooh.. the possibilities" - some sorta toy ad catchphrase. Anyway, right back 2 this, even if u do worry, somethin else u might not b prepared 4 might occur, then wouldn't it hav been a waste of time?


I think u should tell, coz u kno it's definitely the best way i reckon. Coz that way u wouldn't waste ur time, coz if she says no, u'll know what she feels sooner and plus, even if she says no, at least she knos u like her now so she could reconsider.


Don't think twice. Go for it. Like i said, life's way 2 short once u get down 2 it.


What i'd do:

It just seems that there ain't enough 2 prove that she likes u, i'd wait and get 2 kno her first b4 thinkin bout wether 2 make a move or not



Simple things like constant eye-contact, touching, flirting etc. However, its really hard 2 pick signs up and i don't coz some every1 is really different so i don't usually wanna think of actions as signs coz it could b a totally different thing and i could end up makin an ass of myself.


hope that helped.

Happy Heb

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well... try asking her casually... os r u seeing anyone? if it was a yes go like nice nice and be freidnly about it... if she said no... just go like so wanna go for coffee or a movie or soemthing.

u cant really tell if she likes u or not from wat u described... i mean if shes always too social with guys... then maybe grabbing you into her room isnt a big deal after all...

just try talking to her more often... wish u all the luck

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To give you an update, I was about to ask her out in a couple of days because of the continued signals this girl has been sending me..constant touching, eye contact, etc...but today something happened that I didn't expect from her--while I was walking out of my friend's room I saw her with a group of friends and she asked me to do a cheer in front of them and it really embarrassed me.. I'm pretty sure she realized also that this embarrassed me. She even offered to help me by holding my hands.This just seemed weird that she would ask me to do this in front of her friends all so sudden right when I saw her today.

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