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Got closure letter from ex... She's moving x-country...

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Hi everyone... I wrote a couple of weeks back about my ex getting closure for herself after 10 months of silence.


It was heartbreaking to get such an email from her but I shrugged it off and tried to move on (without contacting her back, because i felt like hers was a 1-way email). Here is that post if you're interested:


link removed


Well I just found out from a mutual friend yesterday that is moving accross the country next week. Up until this point we've always lived in the same town. I guess that subconsciously a part of me always thought that we might get back together even though I never admitted this to anyone (or even myself for that matter!).


I guess this really seals the deal, huh? I should now be able to MOVE past this completely! Unfortunately the news hit me pretty hard yesterday and I had a hard time sleeping... I woke up with tears in my eyes. She is now "officially" out of reach.


I will be so glad to get past this part of my life! Could someone please remind me that things WILL get better?

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Things DO infact get better! With her leaving to another state does give you the freedom to see other women in the same town with out the worries of bumping into her In public and making a big emotional scene. Take this time for you to reflect upon your relationship, and your current life goals. Remember that the world is a giant ocean, and there are many more fish that will come your way. Best of luck to you!

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It sounds like you are really hurting over this.

You may day look back and think it was a blessing that she left.

I honestly believe that what is yours will come to you.

Think of it this way...now that this woman is leaving, the right woman can find you!

You can never know what the future will bring...but waiting and waiting isn't healthy for you.

You can finally stop waiting.

You can finally stop wondering, 'what if'.

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