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"Girls and the clothes they wear to work

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Hi all,

Now I'm just curious, but some girls at for example work wear tight pants, short blouse with a few buttons open and so forth.... and they look really good. My question is why do girls where such intimidating clothes to work?

Do girls who wear those type of clothes must generally have a high self esteem right?


Why else would they dress like that?


Is it too attract attention even though alot of them have boyfriends already?


A few questions for you all there. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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I agree with SwingFox.

i still try to look my best as often as possible even though i have a boyfriend.although i dont believe that it is always because of men that women like to look nice(though it usually is )i mean if you look good then you also tend to feel good aswell. i tend to make an extra effort for my boyfriend though,coz i like to look nice for him.

with the work thing,i personally dont exactly dress up for work,but i make sure that i look presentable.i dont however do the whole 'unbuttoning' the shirt thing,as i work in a male environment so this wouldnt be the best idea!

my boyfriend too gets annoyed with other men looking at me,but i think this purely comes from the male instinct to protect the female(though i could be wrong)its just not nice if someone is gawking at your partner right in front of you.-admiring is a different thing and i often feel proud when someone admires my boyfriend,but there is a definate line.

hope this helps!

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I think that females (could apply to males too) who dress in a certain manner (scantily clad) are looking for attention because they are insecure themselves and not self confident. If they were confident from the start they wouldn't need to show off their "goods" as much. After a while it will boost their ego because of the attention they get, but in the long run they'll still be insecure and in need of attention. Its all in the mind and how you view youself. Just my point of view...

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Hi Everyone !


Something SwingFox said I would like to Highlight. It's one of the biggest problems for men and comes up on the forum regurarly.


I believe it is a woman's nature is to attract

I believe this to be true.


A lot of boyfriends feel intimidated by that, because, rather than seeing how their girlfriend love them and how HE has her heart, they tend to get jealous at every other guy looking at their girlfriend.

While this can stem from insecurities, it is no wonder that so many men feel thretened when their woman is "by her nature trying to attract" !!!


Why would a woman be trying to attract, when she has already attracted and found a mate? By the same nature, men perhaps are here to mate with as many women as possible - and thus todays problems of monogomy !!


Any coments anyone !!

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