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Should I feel Guilty???

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Occasionally (couple times a month) I look at porn to get aroused. I never actually masturbate to the porn, when I am to a certain point I will think about my wife until I orgasm. She has made me feel guilty about looking at porn, even though I think about her as I masturbate. She makes it like she is so hurt if I do this, like I think she is not enough, which is clearly not the case. Is this wrong? We have sex all the time and we both love it!!! I can't get enough of her! But I just have these urges to look every now and then!!! Should I feel bad??????????

Please help!!! Thanks

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well the human mind is naturally curious, we are just like monkeys, we are inquisitive at times, and there is nothing wrong with it..


But since your relating your "Curious Behavior" to pornography, and you do it at irregular times. than i don't see a problem with that, But than you throw in "your married" now....i can see a problem, Not a BIG one but you have some issues you need to address so that they don't cause malevolent, and distasteful arguments and discrepancies in your relationship with your wife.


Ok first, she has a problem with you looking at porn, and you say you think of her while you do it...that doesn't make any sense to her, b/c her face is not on that womens body, which makes her upset, discouraged, and uncomfortable at the thought of you looking at other women naked, saying you think of her probably makes her feel even worse.


think about it, if your wife was looking at naked men on the Internet...what would your reaction be. And than if she said "Oh Wow Look at his "Thingy Thing"...now you Would most likely have a problem with that. I wouldn't call this continuous browsing of porn sites cheating, but others would...it' just Seeing things, Not actually physical..sort of not mental either, considering you thinking of her, not that Model who is naked on the screen..


But really, what is better naked women....on a Computer screen.......With a lot of it being fake, 80% of those pictures are (generated/altered pictures that are created in Photo shop, and surly look real. but they are fake.


(OR) the real thing, for you.....when you want it...something that keeps you warm at night, and that isn't the computer screen, see my insight...loose the obsession of viewing porn, it's causing problems already, So why commence more. you have to decide, and if you can't kick the habit i suggest installing a anti-porn viewing material on your Computer...good luck, stay in touch..hope i helped.


links for anti-porn viewing material below


link removed

link removed


(if those cost money, and or require a registration go here link removed (or) link removed and search for Anti-porn adds/pop-ups software.






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Thanks for your advice!!!!! I was not as clear as I should have been! Its not that I look at porn and just imagine that its my wife. I actually look for a couple minutes, turn it off, and then proceed to do my business (thinking about my wife). Does this change your opinion at all? I love my wife more than anything in the world but sometimes I just feel like I am allowed to please myself? What do you think? I also travel two - three weeks a month for work. What should I do if I feel these urges while I am away?

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