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i need a yes/no answer

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i agree with ram, especially if it's dealing with women, either they like you or they don't...physical attraction, your personality, or they are involved with someone else...whatever the reason are.


But stay optimistic, that person..could one day come to his/her senses and realize that your someone special to them, and take things to the next level, if it's currently at a friendship.


"That sort of thing happens all the time my friend."

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No, definitely don't go down that lonely road. If he doesn't love you or isn't sure then don't try and make him. It will probably end up being worse on you in the long run. Especially since you are the one who is in love. You'll be the one who gets hurt. Let go and wait for someone to return your feelings. I know it's hard especially since you've got feelings already but believe me...you'll be better off. Take it from someone who knows!

Good luck and be strong.

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You can't get into a romantic relationship with someone that doesn't feel the same way about you as you do about them. Things always go wrong with "why didn't you get me as much for MY birthday" and "lets spend more time with me not your friends". If you just be with someone because you need to be around people then you are selling yourself short. There is someone for everyone out there!

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I would say no. Emotionally you may want to pursue it but logic should tell you not to. If you did pursue it, eventually you'll get to a point where you would give up if the feelings are not returned. Don't waste precious time on someone who won't be there for you but spend it on someone who will be.

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I am in a situation like that right now. I have been patient and given him a couple of weeks now, but I am reaching the point where he either needs to "crap or get off the pot". I am not going to wait forever and let him take my self confidence down. I am better than that and if he can't see that, he is not good enough for me.

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