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Okay- I think I might be pregnant but don't want to over react. My breasts are SOOOO sore and tender, even to put a bra on! I have white- almost milky discharge and have been extremely tired lately. As far as the tiredness goes, I haven't been sleeping well lately- so that could be a reason for that...... I have had to pee more than normal lately as well, but I'm not sure if it's my head playing tricks on me... I have also been really constipated... All this stared only a few days ago (2 or 3 at the most) Is it possible?

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Anything is possible, but the symptoms you are describing most happen in the late stages of pregnancy.


Early signs are throwing up....missing your period.


The drug store has some pretty good tests.


Use condoms. Go to the doctor and get on some birthcontrol Un expected babies are a lot of hard work. Take care of you first, and be as responsible as you can so that when you do have a baby, you will be able to take care of it and ready! ;-)


Just my opinion

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It is a definite possibility that it is an infection, i had most of the same symptoms a couple of years ago, and it turned out just to be something very normal and could be taken care of easily with antibiotics. Go to your doctor and tell her every symptom you have, he or she will probably want to examine you, and then hopefully turn out to be something easy to take care of. Don't worry too much about it, there are a million very easy things to not worry about that can be taken care of very quickly with medication. But go to your doctor ASAP just in case. If you are still worried about a pregnancy, take a home test, they are very easy and simple to use, although more effective after you wait 2 weeks after your period should have started. Good luck, hope everything goes well for you.

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Look for a local planned parenthood in your area, I'm sure if you look in the phone book you'll find one. They can provide pregnancy tests at little to no cost and they do have a privacy act. Make sure you ask a friend or the father-to-be to go with you just in case. If you are infact pregnant, consider you options and talk to either a close friend or a school counselor. Don't be afraid to talk to your parents / guardians about this situation, they may be a little upset in the beginning, but let's hope they support you in your decisions.

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Well, I am not a crazy teenager..... I in my twenties and married.... me and my husband are trying to have a baby, that's what i ment by over react (get my hopes up).... but i took a pregnancy test last night and it came out negative.... thanks for all your replies....

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I really don't think that you are pregnant. Sometimes my breasts get really tender, especially before my period, and they blow up too!


Unless if you are throwing up, if you are, then I would worry, but your symptoms seems to be common before a period (and yes, including the milky discharge)...


If you're anxious, try e.p.t.

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Ugh I cant understand people sometimes, whats so good about gettnig pregnant? I couldnt imagine my boobs gettin bigger and tummy gettin bigger, how could u take a baby using YOUR BODY to grow in like a monster, Plus it hurts u so much to have it, if it was me I'd hate it for hurting me and blowin my breast up. my body isnt a hotel.

sry thats my opinion, i dislike babies, i am an 18 year old female, so i guess my opinions never going to change.


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