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why are some exes like that?

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my best friend's bf recently broke up with her. they are still good friends though. she was telling me today that he keeps flirting with her, like poking her, playing with her bracelets, stuff like that. my question is, why do exes do things like that? i mean, he broke up with her & said that he only wanted to be friends, so why is he continuing to flirt? she said it is making it hard for her to not still like him as a bf.

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I think people do this because they get the load off their shoulders of being a couple and they relax more around the other person. You know, there's no pressure anymore and they can do what they want. A freedom thing. It is something that people do when they are not ready for a commitment or are not mature enough for a commitment, or just plain don't want a commitment in their life right now.



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