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Wanted to go steady, but can't...(interfaith relationship)

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As you might have read from my previous posts, my supervisor have been out on unofficial dates before. (in my opinion) We really have chemistry and we really like each other.


Although, I forgot to mention one little detail, we have different faiths (I am a Pentecostal Born-Again Christian, she doesn't go to church anymore, but was raised as a Jehovah's Witness).


Yesterday evening, we talked on the phone. During our conversation, she brought up the previous (not serious) relationship that I had and asked why it ended. I had the feeling that she was waiting for me to ask her to get steady with me. I never told her anything about my faith's stance with comes to having relationship with someone (I can't have any relationship with someone who is not of the same faith as I have), nor I never brought up that I wanted to get steady with her. She told me about her problem (she wants to focus back on her life and what she was doing). I saw this as an opportunity to tell her about Jesus Christ and how he could help her with her problem (Sadly, I didn't jump on the opportunity). I really wanted to share to her how God had changed my life, but I also searched my heart for motives of doing this (my motives are: to help her with her problem, to get her to be saved and go steady with her). Basically, I have the wrong motives why I wanted to help her and introduce her to Christ; I wanted her to be saved so I could have her (basically, it's for a personal gain).


I want to know how else could I share my beliefs on her without my motives getting in front of me?


Should I invite her to church (and hope she gets saved while attending), even though she has no background on what my church is like (I don't want to scare her off)?

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Hi Setsuko1981,


I think that your situation is a little complicated - since it involves religion. I would suggest you do the following.


You are presently different religions. You should ask this girl if she is interested in joining a religion - your religion. You should figure out the best way to do this. I say this because you will not be with her if she is not your religion, so you her first thing is to move to your religion. If she won't, then that is that - and you yourself will need to have a look at the situation should you arrive in it. So see if she is open to that first, and if she is, then you can look at making your next move.

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If your church is anything like mine asking her to go to your church is the best thing you can do. I found myself in the same boat, though I was only 15 at the time. It did scare her, but she saw something she had never seen before. She saw the reality of God rather than the fabricated "troths" she had grown up with. If you can't bring yourself to do that just take her out to lunch and tell her about your faith, and why you believe. Unless you are sound in your doctorin DO NOT let it get into a debate. Jehovah whitens usually walk all over Christians who aren't COMPLEATLY shore about why they believe. Just tell her what you believe. After this I would still say that you need to ask her to come and visit your church even if it's just because you want her to "meet your friends."

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