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i feel like the scum of the earth--i think i have led her on

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Its been 3 weeks since my gf and i broke up, and we are both just realizing that we broke up due to the emotional stresses in her life. i dont want to go into them in detail, but she has bulimia and depression. neway in the past 3 weeks i had a little thing for this other girl, and i am now just realizing that i am not over my ex. we have talked a lot recently and want to get back together. she asked me if i could forgive her for messing things up. i told her i already had--isnt that the basis for love?--forgiveness. we had everything, and she finally realized that, as i have realized that i am not over her, and dearly want to get back together. but i led this girl on, and i dont know how to make things right. a lot of people are going to be mad at me, but i think it is better of me now to realize that i am not ready and have feelings for my ex, than a week or a month into a relationship that i think i rushed into to cover up my feelings. i feel like the worst person alive. i dont know what to do. i really havent slept in 2 days.


please help,


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Ok for one relax, you did the best thing to realize now, cos your rite how can you be with someone else knowing you still for your ex, Hun if your ex is your first love then you will never get over her, but will just have to learn to live with the pain and after a while it all starts to feel normal, so at some point you do have to move on,

But you're obviously not ready yet so take time out and relax.

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You sound like me but I am worse (just look at New Problem) but I am here to try to help you. If you what to get back with her then do. I know that you love her and you what to get back with her but is that the best thing to do? That is what you must ask your self. Well I hope this helps and good luck.

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HI There !


You led her on - don't worry about it. Probably the one worry that she might have is that you might get back with your ex - and if that happens, then it's not the most uncommon of situations at all. Just make sure that you are respectful to her, and don't lead her any more. I'm not sure how deep you went there, but you said "i had a little thing for this other girl". How little !!!!


Bottom line, decide what to do now and go with it. Otherwise you risk loosing both of them through indecisiveness. Bottome line, go with your heart.

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you asked how little--nothing major we just flirted for 2 weeks or so, and she came over to my house for 2 hours, but other than that we were jsut in a group. and i just realized that going into a different relationship feeling the way i did about my ex would not be the thing to do.

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Well at least you are being honest then with yourself and others which is super. Yes, I don't think you have gotten in too deep at all. You should as I said decide which to persue, and persue - but don't lead both of them on, and also don't cut off any ties with the new girl before you talk to the ex about getting back. If she didn't want to get back, then you would still have the other girl to be with, but make sure that you don't use it as a rebounder - as you said, that will not do YOU any good, and would be unfair to the girl aswell


Hope this helps you some,

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