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To be friends or not to be? (Just a survey)

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Well I would say if they such a good mates then don't say anything cos friend ship can m messed up,


But if this is a situation when something really has to be said then I would say. Become friends first cos you may realize you don't like the person in that way. But just as friends,


Or you could find out much more about the person like they like someone else at least you wont look like a jackass,.

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I don't see why not, especially if ur really good friends, sure u can screw up the friendship 4 a while, but since u's hav such a good friendship, it'll all be ok in the end.


I personally went down the same road a couple of times, resulting in different circumstances but in the end its all been good. The relationship i'm currently in was kinda the same, i dunno the outcome of it coz we're still 2getha...


I'm the sorta person who believes in "we only live once, make the most of it", i don't worry bout the risks, i take the challenge and hey..how u suppose 2 kno who's supposed 2 b the one if u neva give it a go?


Happy Heb

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