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girl next door who got away

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im more just writing this to get it off my chest (i dont have any one i feel confortable opening up 2 thank God for this site) if you want to respond plz go ahead , the story starts when i was in 4th grade i got this huge crush on my best friend she lived to doors down i found out that she liked me and my other really good friend also liked her i was really shy , unexpierenced and scared i didnt do anything and kinda gave my friend the greenlight to go for it ( i know it sounds stupid fourth graders but its true) well i find out later he dosnet like her anymore and of coarse she had moved on i lost my first chance for a girlfriend and my bestfriend well just to torture me she still lives next door and we havnt spoken (since 4th grade) and man o' man o' did she grow up she is absolutly gorgous i see guys go over her house all the time they look like they are 18 - 20 she is like 16 leave her alone i often wonder if things were difernet and i did have the courage to say "i like you to" i bet we would still be together i would have never let her go she is to speacil anyway thx for listening




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You sound as if your sure you missed your one and only opportunity, but guess what? you didnt!


Did she get married and move away? No.


have you gone over to her and told her how you felt before and still do? No.


The same mistake you believe you made before your doing again, do you believe that now she wont like you because she is grown up? well so have you. The reason she went with your friend and dates these other guys is for one simple reason, they got up the nerve to go up to her and ask her out!.


So go over there right now, and get her alone , tell her everything, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, if you do nothing you are gauranteed to miss out. then it will be too late.

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