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we did it (in the back) and the farts came out


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Ok hopefully this is ok to talk about but, I know some may think this is sick, but doing it doesnt bother me. I tried from the back with my boyfriend and there was tooo much air... (we dotn fart infront of eachother yet...even though its been 2 years, just dont want to) and all night i slept over his house (both 18 years old) i stayed up ALL NIGHT...and I mean aaaaaaaallll Night Because if i moved i would fart, not a little but like SO much to the point were you could probably hear it outside. Anyway... acouple weeks later we tried alittle and it was hard but i stood up and sooooooooo much came out and it was so quiet... he just laughed when i did and said its no big deal... but... i know for a fact thats so unattracted... and i felt soooooooo unattractive. Even though he ignored it, i felt so imbarrased... I would like to do it that way (for him) but i have NOOo way of stopping the air (farts). I tried everything.


(my bf is really really great to me...were wonderful and faithful)


Does aaanyone relate... If your a guy... should i stop doing it that way simply because of the farts or... does it happen sometimes and he would understand and wouldnt care?


he says he dont care but... does he...? (its just air to him... right?)

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