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What is the real reason my ex has called me?

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My ex has just called me after 2weeks, as this is when we last spoke even though he broke up with me 5weeks ago now. The thing is my phone rang and as i were about to answer it, it went off. I then checked to see whos number it were and it were his... my hearts started beating really fast, my hands started to shake too, i started crying. As i think about him everyday and still love him etc (if you read my previous post my heart waits upon an answer please help you'll understand the whole situation better). And were thinking Id go see him in a months time and see how he felt about me then as he were confused when we broke up about what he wanted etc.


Anyway it took my 25 minutes to pluck up and call him as i didnt know what to say etc i thought maybe hes calling as he might want to drop off the rest of my things? i dunno. His phone just kept ringing and as i were about to put the phone down he answered it asking me hy i were ringing, i said you rung me but i were in the shower so missed your call hesaid he'd rung me by accident, so i replied ok then bye.. i didnt put the phone down straight away but nor did he then i put it down as id said bye already.


I wished id aksed him now how he is doing etc but didnt as he made it out that id rng him first even though he rung me. I think maybe he wanted to say something or for me to ask how he is etc, im not sure what do you make of all this? I still love him and do want us to get back together again..



PLease give me some advice?


Thank you

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Wow that had to suck....of all the things you were hoping it was a mistake.....agh! Well do you know him well enough to know what he is feeling by the way he sounds? Do you think that maybe you have had enough time apart yet.. I would wait a few days then maybe write him and email about how you felt about the phone call and how you feel now...Good Luck

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