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Hello everyone,

This is quite embarrassing but I was wondering if anyone could help. For the past few weeks I have had thrush, which is something that I get quite frequently and is a complete pain but I just put some cream on my down below's and it goes away fairly quickly. Over the past few days I have been experiencing increased itchiness, to the point where when I scratch I bleed, the cream is NOT working, and suddenly today it's got so much worse. I now have blisters, a rash extending from the hole down my thighs which is so painful I can hardly walk. It's not itching anymore, it's just so painful. In addition to this, I haven't had sex for weeks, so it's not through rough sex or anything, but when I do have sex, I never get wet.

Reading through some things on the web, do you think I could have herpes? These symptoms are similar to the symptoms of herpes, and I'm thinking maybe I should get checked out before I have sex again. I'm in a lot of pain and it's disgusting but I don't know what to do!

Thanks to any replies


ps: I've also got flu-like symptoms at the moment, which is horrible, I am feverish and cold too. As WELL as that, annoyingly, I'm on my period and I have exams next week. What more could possibly go wrong? Could these things be related? Not the exams thing, but everything else?

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Yeah you might have it. Herpes is very painful. Especially the initial outbreak.


It looks like blisters. Did you say that the pictures you looked up resemble what you're experiencing?


I would suggest you go to the doctor to make sure. Do it now while you have the symptoms. They can give you some pills that will make it manageable.

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Hey hon,


what they said: Go see a doctor. No-one, not even medical professionals, can diagnose you online. If it is herpes, the sooner you get on antivirals the better: get on the phone to your GP now!


Try not to stress out too much until you know what's up (and even then don't stress too much, modern medicine is amazing), it's not like you need that on top of your exams...



take care,



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You should definitely get checked out, your doctor will do a STI panel which are test for sexually transmitted diseases among others tests. Sexual activities should be suspended until you have found out what it is that you are experiencing, it might be scarey now but you'll feel better when you know. Go see your doctor.

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Hey Girl,


It definitely sounds like you could have contracted some sort of STI- and it does sound alot like herpes.


But the above posters are right- we can't diagnose you over the internet and the best thing for you to do is to see your doctor ASAP and get treated.


I hope you will come back and update us.

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