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*bar crawling alone to meet women? ladies plz read

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well Im not a female, but I go to enough bars to maybe help you out. I always go with friends because first of all I would feel like a loner if I was by myself. I would get depressed drinking by myself. Second, friends will give you backup if a girl tries to ignore you or if she completely rejects you. Plus sometimes it is easy to go talk to a group of girls when your friends are there with you. It helps take some of the spotlight off yourself. Just be careful who you talk to a bars. Many girls go to the same bars every week just to see what their ex's are up to or to see how many guys they could get laid by in a night. Bars are not my place for meeting chics, but hey sometimes you may find a good woman. Remember, alot of girls are drunk at bars and they may not be too picky as far as who talks to them. Some girls might think youre Tom Cruise when theyre drunk, but may never give you the time of day when she's sober. Girls are weird like that and often times their thinking jumps to extremes when impaired by alcohol.

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