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Me thinking too much


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Ok, one night I was studying with a couple of my friends. One is probably my best friend. I get his help with any kind of people problems (since im not the most people-oriented person) since hes good with people. The other was a girl I like and is also a close friend. I was on the fence for weeks about whether or not I should asked her and then outta the blue my friend asks her this:


Him: Ya know, you keep picking guys that don't treat you right.

Her: Yea I know.

Him: You should get with a guy that is nice and knows how to treat a woman right (this was hinted toward me, I knew it and he did it on purpose, but I dunno if she knew it).

Her: Yea, you may be right, but there has also got to be physical attraction for it to work.


Now since I thought this was directed at me, it was a dagger in the heart because I figured she caught on (I figure all girls catch on pretty quick). But yea, it was because of this answer I didnt ask her out and stopped pursuing her (or atleast tried) with some success.


Anywho, I know I think too much, yada yada, but I just wanted to see what yall thought bout that lil snippet there. If yall need what we were talkin bout before, I can try and recall, but I do know that just before that we were talkin about her old bf's.

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Don't assume anything. That said, given what you've said about this girl's history, the chances are even if she did get together with you there would likely be trouble in the future.


But what's the harm in asking her out? Worst that could happen is she says no or stop talking to you - if it's the second one, she's probably a jerk and self-centered anyway. Not things you want! Can only turn out well if you take a chance on this one.

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You are reading too much into it ... what did you expect her to say ... "OMG, you're right!!! Mandoro, what was I thinking ... I'm physically attracted to you, so why don't you be my boyfriend???"


She's right that "there has also got to be physical attraction for it to work" but unless you try, you don't know whether you are permanantly consigned to the "friends zone" or not.



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