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i am kinda scared of rejection and i need a confedance boost


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Ok there is this girl at my school i really like her. She sits in frount of me in my 4th class i talk to her alot and we are friends. But she is always talkin to other guys i know she doesnt have a boy friend. I wana ask her out but i can never find a good time and i am kinda scared of rejection and i need a confedance boost.

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Wasup Rock !


If you are friends......Dont ask her for a date ! She may get upset and never talk to you any more...... Try to ask her to hang put for a movie or a park or a mall. Then there hnt her how cool hse is and thats good you have a friend like her......than she may get what you want to say. But asking her would be really not good.


I asked a girl for a "date", we were friends before, and since then she is not talking with me anymore......


So be careful.

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The whole hanging out thing is better then asking her out. I would do what the post before said. Just keep in mind that things might not turn out the way that you wanted them to be.


One other think I once asked a girl out who was my friend out and guess what we still talk. So I guess it all depands on the person. Anyways good luck, hope it all goes the way you wanted it to go.

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