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  1. If you are not in a relationship then you really have no say on what she does and who with. In fact, some might say her/your unwillingness to class yourselves as in a relationship is to give yourselves options. The thing that I would do is forget about what happened with her ex, you don't have a right to question whether you have anything to worry about if you're not actually together. So that's your first step. Forget the game for a few hours, get on Skype, face to face, and tell her how you feel. And you want to be in a relationship with her. Her response will tell you
  2. People think being the dumber is easier. Not always the case. Maybe he just wants to move on without having you hassle him to get back together. Maybe a part of him regrets his decision but he is deciding to stay the course. whatever the reason, if he has done this. It's time to move on.
  3. Why is it a gender issue? I'm a guy who doesn't mind the off photo of me and my.partner online but at the same time don't care to much for people k owing my private life, don't really understand the need... My partner who is female is the same? Nothing strange about this imo and nothing that is male oriented.
  4. I disagree, yes what he's done is wrong but her reaction is also. What's the point in telling her about the lie as when it comes down to it and he does find someone else she's going to react the same way anyway. It's a classic case of she doesn't want him but doesn't want anyone else to have him. If I was the OP I'd just let it die, let her go off and do her own thing. You two are both young. It's time to move on.
  5. Honestly you tried to hang on and fix her and eventually she made the best call for.both of you. She sounded too troubled for 1 person to be able to help, she sounds like she needs serious therapy to help her. On the other hand you sound like you're progressing with life, she has done you both a favour. In terms of being a virgin at 23, don't sweat it, someone I know was a virgin untill 29 and now in a loving commited relationship with plenty of sex... The person they are with doesn't realise they were a virgin beforehand. Just keep looking forward, looking at yourself, heal and improve
  6. I think people are overreacting over this 18 year old. Aslong as she's of sound mind and doesn't feel pressured in any way I don't see the issue, you aren't related, she's of legal age of consent... Break up with the fiance though, that's for certain and then decide what to do though.
  7. Wow, you really had the audacity to write a big long post about how you don't regret cheating? Even if you was more than in the wrong. Honestly, what are you after? A slapon the back and everyone to say "well done, you were right, he deserved it!". Also, what's your job? "Cops, military men and firefighters the real deal? How would you like men to only say women are the real deal if they only have such and such jobs... Honestly you are a pretty sad person and I imagine whatever the guy did you'd of still cheated... Came home early in the morning and made some noise?! My heart bleeds!
  8. How is this even a question? If it's true and he loves someone else of course anyone with a rational mind would end it. You should never settle being second best.
  9. While not technically by the book cheating for me personally it would be treated as bad as. The fact is you went out and checked out other guys and allowed them up close to you, this raises questions on whether the potential to cheat is there. When I'm in a relationship and out with the lads I have no desire to get close and dance with anyone, regardless of my attraction towards them as I'm not out for that... You most likely enjoyed the attention from the guys , that's a slippery slope! Also, if you found out the opposite that he had gone out and danced with lots of women, how would yo
  10. For what it's worth OP I don't think it's creepy, based on what you've said in this thread. Maybe she has daddy issues; Maybe she likes older guys. Maybe she just wants attention. Maybe she's on a similar thread on a similar forum right now asking people why this old guy keeps flirting with her or how to tell someone 30 years older than her she's into him. Maybe due to your age she just sees flirting as harmless. I'm 25, when I was 17 I used to flirt with a co-worker in her late 40's/50's and she would flirt with me; it was just harmless "banter". Just don't come across as creepy to h
  11. I think this "friend" used you to get his kicks. He isn't a friend else he wouldn't of told your boyfriend about stuff you'd confided in confidence. Unfortunately you have now crossed the line, if your boyfriend doesn't dump you then at the very least he will not trust you, and without trust the relationship may as Well be dead. When in a relationship with someone don't discuss the particulars with anyone's else. You want to fulfill certain sex fantasies? That's totally ok, but talk to your partner about it! If they can't fulfill your needs or are judgemental then move on in the right wa
  12. Generally the guys who do this with girls they haven't even met yet are probably doing it with many others at the same time... They are creeps and not worth dealing with. Drop em like it's hot the moment they bring it up and talk to the genuine guys who value you above helping them get their kicks.
  13. While not into BDSMor S&M I'm with you on the rest, there's nothing wrong with you, I've had casual sex before and thought it was terrible; without the emotional connection I got nothing out of it... Your sexuality is just fine, you'll find Alot of people talk the talk but I've found very few people who have actually had many partners. Don't sweat it, live life how you feel most comfortable! Your future partner will most likely appreciate a guy who isn't all about his "number".
  14. Well you're rude, no need for that! Seriously though, you can apparently read people well but you've let this guy in even though he's done and said these weird and possesive things? Stop that. As everyone has said, block and delete him from everything. If you are on Android you can get call and text blockers for free, if you pay a small sum then they will delete any voicemails or texts from the specified numbers automatically though these are paid features.
  15. Get your own car... Its not wrong of your parents not wanting to risk their insurance or their car which I'm sure they worked hard for on you, they don't owe you anything. You'vegot your liscence, that's great! Seriously, it's awesome you've taken the initiative to get it! But untill you get your own car or find someone who will let you share theirs then that liscence means diddly squat.
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