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  1. Hi, honey. With your lawsuit close to being resolved, my excuse for contacting you is almost done. I then really have no reason to contact you anymore. I really can't believe it; it doesn't seem real. I still love you but I have to accept the reality that it's over, and you're gone from my life.
  2. Lol - All too true. I read the book "Attached" (listened to audio version 2-3 times, visually read the book 1-2 times), and identified myself immediately as having an Anxious attachment style, and my former GF as Avoidant. Still hurts but it explains partially what happened.
  3. I was in a similar situation. My former GF went to LV several times to see her female friend for different reasons: her friend was sad, her friend was fighting with her mom, her friend needed the support, etc. I understood those reasons, but pointed out to my GF that she never accommodated ME. She would do tons of things for her friends, this one and other ones, but never anything for me, and cancelled plans with me if necessary. It took me a *very long time* to leave, and only when it got intolerable, but it hurt my heart and my soul too much to be put 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. I would have neve
  4. I can relate to you on this point, although my situation is a little different. I just broke up - or to be more accurate, formalized our mutual break-up from a relationship. But my former gf's dad is coming into town from far away, and right as we were breaking up, she asked me to meet with him, since he considers me a friend. I said I respect her dad and her mom, and like them both, but it'll be too hard for me to continue being friends with her, and therefore with him as well. Part of me wants her to ask me again, so I'll have an excuse to see her and break NC. But she probably won't, and th
  5. Hi, honey. Still in shock that we're official over. I'm having second thoughts about it. After all, what's wrong with casual dating? Actually, a lot of things wrong with it, since I want so much more from the relationship and from you, and you didn't treat me well. Still, I'm hurting so much. It hurts me enormously that I probably won't see you again, especially not in a way that I would like. And seeing you only as friends would hurt too much as to be unbearable.
  6. I'm so sorry you're going through this. It's devastating. I totally sympathize about how you can't turn off the love. I'm in a different situation but have the same problem being unable to turn off the love for someone who hurt me. I wish all the best and will follow your progress on here if you wish to post some more.
  7. "We'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when. But I know we'll meet again some sunny day." I'm heartbroken to read about this 10 year thing.
  8. Hi, honey. I can't believe it's actually over. After thinking about it and trying all I could to put it off for a year now, it's over, done. I'm hurting so much. I wish I could've just gone along with casual dating and still continued to see you. That would've made the pain less, but only in the short term. I miss you so much. I love you, and a part of me will always will. Good-bye. Not "see you later," but good-bye.
  9. No, I don't get off on it at all. I guess I've taken it, and it was like the frog in the slowly boiling water. But that's very different from enjoying or being thrilled by it, even unconsciously. It greatly upsets me, and I'm finally coming to terms with dealing with it.
  10. I stumbled onto your journal here and am so touched by it - how you post messages to your boy every year. Touched beyond belief. I'm so sorry for your loss; I'm sure it still hurts every day. I wish you and your family all the very best.
  11. I don't really understand myself, either, but I'm trying to get there.
  12. Those words hurt but I guess they're true. I've had my own therapy for about the last year, and we largely talk about this relationship, but it's taken me this long to get to where I am - and really only because of worse treatment by my GF.
  13. Yes, that's me, I'm embarrassed to say. Instead of being mad at her for insulting me so intimately, and bailing because of it, I internalized her criticisms.
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