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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    Excellence in Obtaining – The One 'Desirable Skill' Most Everyone Lacks

    Is it so implausible to presume that in a myriad of individuals yearning to enhance their careers, there would steadily rise the prevalence of those skillfully equipped with said ability? Alas, that is not always the case. Contrary to popular belief, possessing that ever-so-desired competency is scarcely becoming increasingly common. It is referred to as that mystical capacity dubbed ‘excellence in obtaining’.

    Imagine for a moment the sky-high salaries you could attain by possessing this particular trait. But what is it? Difficult to define in words, it is an amalgamation of personality, confidence and cunning. Multifarious variables play a part in its recognition, however its both elusive and withdrawn nature is rather befuddling to the uninitiated. With this aptitude, one could secure the job of their dreams or even a promotion from the aforementioned.

    To the untrained eye, anyone assumes this skill comes naturally. Contrary to belief, it's often acquired via strenuous work. Such practice reveals the secrets behind successful procurement. Every facet requires emphatic learning and absorbs much of ones effort and energy. Knowing what to do ahead of time and adapting to rapidly changing circumstances act as the building blocks of this craftsmanship.

    Prior preparation will ensure one’s success as they can prepare themselves for both the expected and unexpected. Being well-versed in the etiquette specified with dealing with superiors and gathering knowledge on such topics expands the skillsets beyond most everyone’s scope. What contributes to the complexity of this capability is the multifaceted approach you have to take when researching a potential employer. This includes the organizational culture, goals and the environment within. A thorough understanding of the organization’s values and ethics will preside helpful in securing the best results.

    Careful observation, listening intently and being conscious of verbal and nonverbal cues are among the critical fundamentals of being able to effectively execute exercises of excellence in obtaining. Communicating persuasively and most importantly expressing one's agenda clearly are of the utmost importance. Feedback should be welcome, avoiding critique or resentment about inquiries or expectations, befitting of the mission. Patience is key. Anything worth having does not come easy. Comprehension of the pitfalls and setbacks associated with the treacherous path to success is something many, especially prospective employers, regard highly.

    Excellence in obtaining presents a golden opportunity to seize a career one can be proud to call theirs. Challenging, engaging and inspiring in equal parts, it delineates one’s experience and journey, each step becoming a landmark along that arduous route. Although unexplored and unorthodox territory for most, it promises to produce astonishing results, with the right guidance and hard work.

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