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where is it?


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The clitoris is the small sensitive "ball" that sort of hangs from the top of the vagina. It is an external feature, so you don't have to look for it anywhere inside. When touched, it feels completely different (much better) than touching any other part of the vagina. Try going to link removed and look up the word "clitoris" and see if any of the sites help in their drawings/pictures of where it is. Don't worry, I checked it out and there wasnt any porn, but a lot of useful information on the first few that I saw. Im sorry your mother especially laughs at you. You should remind her that she is there to teach and inform you about topics like these. It is important for a mother to exercise that role/ Anyway, good luck in your new discovery. Once you find it, you will wonder how you went so long without knowing what it was all about.

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