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How to re-initiate convo?

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Well, here's the background story:


I met this guy in first semester... we clicked right away. But things went fast.. and we dated for about two months. Anyhow, during the holidays, he went back home.. which is on the other side of the country, and we didn't talk like the way we used to. Things got weird, and when he got back, he broke things off.. saying it felt more like a friendship. That was in January.


Right after the breakup (like 5 days), we had a social outing, and he talked to me like a good buddy... and we joked around and ... pretty much something I didn't want.. because I realized how much I still liked the guy. So after that, I broke all contact.

We are in the same school club, so I still saw him every week... and I did talk to him. Anyhow... around mid feb.. , I felt like I gotten over him.. and I sent him a message (with a joke) on facebook.. which is something like myspace.. so people can see it publicly. He deleted it, and after that, he never showed up at the club ever again. I apologized for the message on msn... since we didn't block each other... but he didn't reply.


Anyhow, I guess what sucks is that I do want to be friends with him... and I feel like I lost a friend. I do want to talk to him ... but I have no idea how to go about doing it. We haven't blocked each other... but somehow.. IMing him... Hey, haven't heard from you in a while. How's it going... just seems... i dunno... strange? Considering the last exchange we had was him deleting my message... haha


Any suggestion is appreciated.

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why did you apologize for sending him that message? did you say something inappropriate? I don't think you should have apologized if the e-mail was clean. it just sounds like he is not interested for whatever reason, so don't bother chasing him anymore.

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It wasn't an e-mail.. it was a post. And yea... the joke could have been seen as offensive.. if he took it the wrong way. Which was why I apologized. And I haven't chased him at all... this would be the first time I'm really contacting him in 2 months. So I was just seeing how to approach it.

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