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First Date Ideas for a Monday Night?


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Hey everyone, wanted some suggestions for a first date idea for a Monday night. A little about me, I'm a grad student and I met a girl last week at a bar near campus. She's also a grad student. Because of our weird schedules, we decided to meet up on a Monday night. I usually have a normal routine of taking a girl out to dinner and drinks afterwards, but I thought what the heck, let's see what interesting ideas people have, especially for a Monday night! Any ideas?

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just ask to hang out at her place. yeah. lol


usually a bar has some specials on a monday night. some places have things going on too. too bad it's not football season right now.


go to a strip club. that would be hilarious on a monday night as a first date. i know some women that would get a kick out of that. haha


but minigolf is cool.

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