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Need advice from people who have gotten a GED...

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I'll be taking my GED soon, and was looking for some pre-testing advice. Any good sites you know of or knowledge from experiance would be helpful.


My questions are...

What are some good ways to practice for the test? ((I don't have time to take any pre-testing classes, so that's out of the question))

Know of any "brain foods"? ((That's excluding fish or any kind of meat. I'm a veg. Yae ))

Any other tips??



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The math is VERY basic,


Equivalent to Alg. 1 at best.


Reading is SUPER easy... You read a passage, and answer questions about the passage.

I can't remember what else...There was some life science I believe, a little about biology.


I don't know of any sites, but there are books that you can find to study if you REALLY think you need to at the library.


The test is very easy though, I could have passed it in 7th grade.


Just don't stress, make sure to eat great the night before, and the morning before. Brain foods? Just healthy food in general, you are a vegitarian so you are probably already on top of that, I assume.

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