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Hi all.....Just wanted to know whether anyone here is working or has worked in a casino and would be interested in contributing anything about their experiences . I start my first day in a couple of weeks and am interested to know others experiences regarding working hours, work environment,tipping, etc.,so i can have an idea of what to expect. My training commences in 2 weeks time, so im oblivious to all details til then, and am just waiting in anticipation. Thank you in advance........x

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I have a realtive that lives in Vegas and their next-door neighbor has been a dealer at Caesar's Palace for over 10 years. From what she has said, when you first start out, it can be difficult. You will have some pretty intense training, and once you are on the floor, you will likely get the least desirable shifts.


She stuck with it though, and now she has the prime shifts, works less than 40 hours a week, has full benefits, tons of vacation, and owns not only her house but 2 other rental properties, all as a single mom.


She has said when she works the prime shifts at the high limits tables she can easily bring home more than $500 in tips per night.


So I think it might be hard to start off- but if you stick with it it can be a really stable and lucrative career.


PS- she has also said that one of the reasons she did so well is that she has NO interest in gambling herself- the casinos make it all too easy to cash your check and head right out onto the floor to spend it all...

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