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  1. I was doing OK and trying to make changes in my life which I am. Joined a couple of bible groups, went bowling and hanging out with friends. But I did not want to go home last night and be all alone in my bed after a date that was not so great. So I decided to go to that casino and play cards. I stayed up all night gambling and was ahead until one really big hand and lost a lot of money (2K) It was all in one hand that I played wrong. Now I have not slept, I can not sleep and feel horrible. I want to call my ex so bad to comfort me. I feel so weak now. I am NC but this is killing me! I r
  2. Evening y'all. I'm a little lost on the rules here about double posting. I see others who have multiple threads started about the same topic, just looking from a different perspective or maybe when there is an update of some kind or what have you. I am only reposting this to condense the story somewhat to gain more input as to how to proceed now and if I have misinterpreted the last 2-3 weeks in any way. Anyway, I met this girl about 2 months ago through mutual acquaintance. Went on a date. Sparks flew. Great chemistry. Heavy making out first night. We texted nearly every day (s
  3. My husband and I have only been married for 2 years. I'm his 2nd marriage, he is my 3rd. I can honestly say I finally found my knight in shining armor. He is kind and patient and works very hard to provide for our 6 kids still at home. He puts our family first and is very family oriented. He will do anything for me and treats me like I am his one and only true love. I have no complaints...except one. He has a friend who hits him up every year to go to March Madness in Vegas. This friend is OBSESSED with betting on all the games, my husband could not care less about sports. I don't know
  4. I've been seeing my boyfriend for about 4 and a half months now. Things got pretty serious pretty quickly. A little background: we went to the same high school and I knew of him but we never really talked at all. We met randomly through friends and have been together ever since. I was drawn to him because he was so kind and attentive. He is very sweet and caring and is a true gentleman. I have met his family and he has met mine. We have talked about being together in the future (i.e. marriage, family, etc.) but we both know that's not going to be for a long time. Up until recently, I have trus
  5. I met this guy who works at our local casino. I've talked to him sparingly for about 2 years while he worked in valet but over the last 3 months I have talked to him several times each week since he now works inside the casino. Since it's while he's working, it's only a few minutes here and there. He is 23 and I am 47. As far as I know he doesn't have a girlfriend and I am separated from my husband and have no children . He is an attendant for the slot machines and since I frequent the casino almost daily, I would see him often. He is the one who initiated the conversations and actually came t
  6. It was not a good relationship, we were completely opposite, the most opposite was our race, followed by everything, food, music, entertainment, speaking to each other, driving, how we handle money, work ethic, all of I, sex was awesome, lasted 5 1/2 years, three of them he was drunk while awake and asleep, all my efforts to help him get sober seemed to be successful since, to my knowledge, he has not had a drink in 2 1/2 years. I'm not positive about that but will give him the benefit of the doubt since there is no evidence to the contrary . Both of us are in our late 50's . Against my be
  7. I stood by you for three years after you decide to “step down” from your job. You were fired and deservedly so. I supported you emotionally and financially until you found a new job. I supported you emotionally and financially when your new job kept you away every night. I watched your son every night treating him as if he were my own. I took him to and from practices and games. Picked him up after school. Made him dinner and did homework with him. Put him to bed and said prayers with him. You were never there. You were away at work and then after work straight to the casino and when the casin
  8. I met this guy who works at my local casino about 4 months ago. He is 23 + I am 47. As far as I know he doesn't have a girlfriend+ I am separated and have no children. Before you pre-judge me on the age difference my parents are 21 years apart and have been married for over 40 years!! I have talked with this guy several times a week. He is a slot attendant so I talk to him while he is working. The problem is sometimes he will come over and talk to me and other times he won't. Part of his job is guest interaction so he will not get in trouble for talking with me. A lot of times he will just wa
  9. I have an audition at a station casino for a cocktail waitress. It is not for the pools! I audition in a black cocktail dress. Does anyone have any insight as to what the audition entails?
  10. I'm not doing well right now. I attempted to leave 3 days ago, 3 hours in to an 8 hour trip, I went back. We'll I'm finally back in my home state. Hanging with my daughter. But he has spent most of the day in the casino. First a poker tournament, which he won, he says. He gave me most of it. He wasn't available to unload the car because he was at the casino. After taking us to dinner, and an arcade. He supposedly had $25 on him to play, that was 5 hours ago. 5 Hours! No call, nothing. I have his phone, it needed to charge. Security won't page him,can I'm going to have to let myself sl
  11. Hi there... I have been seeing this guy for about three months now. I met him on an online dating site. When we first met we would always go for coffee and lunch during my break at work, As he lives right by my work. And it started out quite sexual and still is. Except we ended up liking each other and the guy told me he wants to be with me etc.. anyways there is alot involved. But more recently, he started a "new job at a Casino". His hours are from 7pm-2:30am. But I called the supposive Casino and they said there is no such person there? He said he is a Poker Manager, I called the poker r
  12. Hey everyone. I'm not too sure where to put this. I'm not even sure if this is the right forum... but I used to post here quite a bit a while ago on a different account and this site has helped me tremendously in other areas of life. So I figure what the heck. I have to say gambling is ruining my life. It's such a secret I can't even post it on my main account where no one knows me. I've never told a significant other, even though now I don't have one currently, and this might have had something to do with me losing my last serious one. It's just a crushing terrible habit that weights
  13. To start off, me and the friend in question are both 22yo females from Australia. My highschool best friend and I have been best friends since we met in our first year of highschool, almost 9 years now. In school we were absolutely inseparable all the way throughout. Everyone associated us with each other, we were like a platonic couple. We were at each other's houses all the time, spent all our time together, I was never happier than when we were together. We clicked like I had never clicked with anyone before then.We were both nerds and straight A students, never stepped out of line with
  14. Hey everyone. Posted her about a year ago on this issue. Just want to ramble again. I know this isn't really the forum for it... but at the very least people read this forum and that's nice. Maybe there's someone out there going though something similar that can offer some advice? Let me preface this with this is an issue I've been SERIOUSLY trying to kick basically all year. Like quitting smoking or something I've wanted to be done... next thing I know weeks later I'm back in the casino losing ridiculous amounts of money. I've promised myself ~30 times I'm done.... and I always end u
  15. Hi all! I just graduated with my Bachelor's degree in May. This summer I've been tirelessly looking for a job with little to no success. Finally I signed up with Jean Simpson, which, for those that aren't aware, is a job placement company. They got me an interview for an HR clerk position at a local casino. As someone whose mother has worked for years in the gambling industry, I know the horror stories of how heartless higher ups at casinos can be, but at the same time I've heard that it's pretty different when you're talking about the office professional side of them as opposed to bartenders,
  16. I really don't know who to turn to anymore or what to do... I'm in an abusive friendship / relationship I feel like I have no control over anymore ... I feel like he has control over me in some weird way.. and most of all he lies and manipulates me to feel super guilty, and like every thing is my fault so I cave in .. crazy thing is .. is that I'm aware of what he's doing but yet I go back and believe that next time will be better .... he will make statements like " if you do this I'll forgive you". He will be little me by calling me names, consistently calling me a .. attention .. telling m
  17. I made friends with a woman about 3 months ago. Just friends - so I thought. I was totally OK with that. She and I are friends on Facebook. We met in a poker room. We both play a lot and we play at the same table a lot. I went on vacation and hadn't seen her in two weeks ... at which point I get the following text: 'Hi ... Are you coming? I miss you.' To which I kind of thought, 'OK, that's nice.' But who writes that? it isn't like we are super close. We are friendly. We text once in awhile, talk about poker hands once in a while. So the following happened Monday night. I lik
  18. So... I've tried to Google for help with this but... My question concerns the idea of relocating away from your hometown, your community, and finding peace or another community elsewhere? I moved from North Tahoe, beautiful area but lack of opportunity for anything that isn't casino/outdoor ventures (I am very into the outdoor, beauty, and clean air environment though, hard to find elsewhere like that), but I don't know if I want to move back or elswhere. I'm stuck... I want a new group of people to do theater with, to go to a bunch of cool, new groups and MeetUps etc, but I also want my ho
  19. Hi. My boyfriend of over 2 years has recently broken up w me. Completely out of the blue. And I am desperate for answers, so hopefully posting on here I can have some type of closure or answer. So we've dated for 2 years, and everything was amazing. It was the relationship I've been dying to have after being heartbroken before. And yesterday night. He finally messaged me back after ignoring me for over 24 hrs. And he says, that's he tired of us. And I wonder how. In truth we've only had one big blow out but that happened a year back ago. But you know every now and then, we have arguments like
  20. This past year I have had many life changes and never have had any issues. However, I feel I am at a breaking point and do not know where to go. Background: My fiance (we are two women) and I have been together for about 3 years and engaged for a year. I finally moved in with her right before we got engaged and then we bought a house in January 2017. The first two years were great! However, this past year things have really been rough for me. Right after we moved into the house, my father got very sick in March and passed away in May. I was took a leave of absence at work to help care f
  21. Hi guys, I think I'm really on the verge of losing my patience (and even respect) to my father. Just a couple of months ago (since February) our family got into a big financial problem due to my father being the only provider of our family just quit his job abroad due to not being able to pay his large debt there. We don't know how and why he incurred that much debt and in the last months before that happened, he went gambling spree, it even looked like that the casino is his new home. We thought he just have extra money to waste (even to the point of giving just enough for us to survive and t
  22. So i was in a long serious relationship back home. It tore me to peices when i left. A year or so ago i moved to htown and i really met this amazing girl. She isfive years older than i. She has visited me at my job, i am a bartender and i been at her place she is a bartender too. While at her place we almost always stay there after she closes and hang out and sometimes we go places afterward. On her birthday she slept over. Next to me. She really is so cool and beautiful, and everytime i see her i start to like her more. She is always teasing me about my sports team and always calls and texts
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