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okay, im 15 years old and i really want to start a relationship but you know i havent really been trying to hard i have no girls in mind i just know i want one.. Anyway im really shy and im not to sure how to you know start conversations what to do and so on...so if anyone could help me out id appreciate it

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Welcome to the world of dating! It'll be the best/worst time you'll ever have! heheh....


It's easy to start... Just make yourself available! Don't stay at home all the time. Go out, spend time with friends, join some clubs, etc... get involved with things which require other people. Doing things like this will give you plenty to talk about with girls. Another thing which seems to work for me is get the girls talking!! It's funny how I can go out with a girl on 2 or 3 dates and when it's all said and done she really doesn't know much about me but I know her life story. People love talking about themselves and their own interests - so use that. Just keep asking questions and pay attention to her responses so you can ask more...


To be honest if you're still in school (based on your age) then you're seriously in luck! School is one of the easiest places to hook up with girls. You see em every day, know if they're single or not, know if they're your age, etc.... nothing like meeting someone in a club and not knowing if she's married/single/psychotic/etc...hehehe

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my advice is never go on dating things because you end up with a bunch of weirdos stalking you try to meet the people in real life otherwise you dont no wat ur getting into. Im not dissing ne one whu has fallen in love/met some one on the net especially not on here, this is just my experience. The guys iv met have only wanted sex and seem as im barely 15 it aint an option i want to go into.

good luck caz

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