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Still Think Bout Him - love

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In one month, it will be the first day that i ever met Jo ( dif name ). Well u see i met him at work, it was a seasonal type job. And in a month it starts up again. The only reason Jo cant work this yr is because he doesnt have a car, and doesnt have a ride from his best friend. As he was tellin me this, i wanted so bad to tell him I could drive him, but i didnt wanna sound liek i still like him. Which i do. But now i am goin to tell him that i can drive him if he wants me to. He used to liek me, im sure of this. I dont kno if he still does. But my first question is....if he said the only reason he isnt workin there is b/c he has no job, do u think he will accept my offer?I kno he loved his job, because it just fit his personality so well.


Next, I need to just say my feelings. I feel like my friends dont want to hear about him ne more. Wen i mention his name they say, O u still like that kid?...well ya i cant help who i love. I try to stop talkin to him and try to ignore him but i cant. he is just to sweet, and all around perfect for me. in my eyes ne ways.


Well so all this past year i think bouty him so much. But now it is so much more. I dream about him, then i wake up and wen im gettin ready for skool i listen to the radio. Well i listen to love songs cuz its too early for like rap and stuff i listen to lol. But all these songs remind me of him. Wen i first wake up, I get up and think about him RIGHT AWAY. Im so afraid that if he doesnt work with me this year, i will never see him again. I am petrified, literally like HORRIFIED that i will never talk to him or see him after this. OMG u have no idea, i am so nervous to talk to him. I get butterflies and ev3erything. If he says that he decided against workin there i will be so crushed, and i dont think i will get over it quickly, if i can at all. I cant come out and tell him my feelings, because i already have done that. It didnt change ne thing between us, but we never talked abotu it again.


This may have all been comnfusing, but no one else will listen. Thanks to everyone who replys or justs listens to this. I appreciate it so much.



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When you told him how you feel about him, did he tell how he felt? It's hard to have feelings for someone and not know how they really feel about you. I understand that you feel that you can't handle not being around him, it happens to alot of us. The only way you can resolve this is to get with him and really tell him how you feel and that you need to know from him if he feels the same, just get it out in the open because if you don't, you'll never know. The worse thing for me is to have regrets. If I go all out and it doesn't work out, at least I tried and won't regret that I didn't do anything at all. And then again if it works out, it's that much better. Try it, you don't have anything to lose...at least you'll know one way or the other. Good luck.



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