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Ok, well I have come to really think that I have this disorder. I have a very short attention span and if affects everything. I mean I can't fight off impulses to change direction on what I'm doing, I can't pay attention in class and I just really feel that I have this. I was wondering how I bring it up to my parents. I dunno if I should be like I think I want to get tested for add so I can get help and am able to pay attention. I mean is there a way to know for sure before I get my suspscions out in the open. I am 17 and I'm having really hard times in math and english because of this. I can't keep concentrated, I dunno if it's just that I don't like those subjects or if it is my brain's fault. I should be able to at least pay attention. I have problems driving and at work as well. Does anyone know of any webpages that I can like test myself or get more info on it or anything? I really want to know for sure, but it just all seemed clear I think that I do need help for this. thanx, a lot!

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ADD is very serious, and it does sound like you have it. I know quite a few ppl who have ADD and ADHD it is very difficult to control unless you have a steel will or medication. I would definatly tell ur parents your having a hard time consentrating and should maybe see a phycologist or doctor about it. but I would wait for there reaction first before I would suggest anything like doctors and what not, if it is a "dont bother me w\ this you hypocandriac" then just tell them you are serious and think you might need help. if they are like "well I dont really want to put you on meds" then say something like you think you should get some help or be checked out before doing anything.

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Whoaa! yes ADD is a problem, but hey lets not blow it out of proportion here, there are worse things that you can have.


I think first and foremost you need to look around in your life at the things that you are worried about, this may be school, forthcoming exams, friend and relationship problems, conflicts within yourself, problems with life in general. Do you have any going on? Doesn't have to be big things, sometimes lots of little problems can pull together to overtake your life a little bit.


Most people with ADD actually do not realise they have it until they have been diagnosed. Also most people with ADD often have behavioural and socialisation problems.


If you do think you have generally just having problems with concentrating, tell your parents outright, just say "I dont seem to be able to concentrate a lot, and see what they say", but don't diagnose yourself. Tell your parents and maybe arrange to see a Doctor.


I have worked with quite a lot of people with ADD and you could just generally have a poor concentration span. I do, but I don't consider it to be ADD, its just that I have a lot going on at the moment. Here is an url for further information on ADD and poor concentration


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