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How do you deal with being around your ex?

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I still have to be around my ex at least three times a week at church events and I don't really know how to act. At first I cried all through preaching and now I am just lost. I try to act happy so that he doesn't see my pain but I don't know if that is the right thing either. We have been broken up for two months and I still hope that there will be reconciliation one day. He seemed to be crazy about me and talked about marriage. He has been divorced for three years from a woman who treated him pretty bad, although he takes part of the blame also.

How do you deal with being around your ex??? I dont think that he acts all that happy. I read all sorts of posts on here that say that it is best to avoid the ex but I go to a church that I love and that I plan on joining cause I know I am where God wants me but sometimes I just want to run away. I want to take myself away from him totally. I also read posts on here that say the ex still talks to them and stuff but the only thing my ex and I do is say hey to each other or maybe wave as we are leaving. He is sort of a shy guy and I just thought he sits around so quiet (he is a quiet guy) thinking about or feeling embarrassed about what he done to me. The church people were really supportive to me through all of this and they were also left wondering with what happened to us cause everything looked so great and we were both happy. They even noticed a change in him cause after the divorce and all he went through people could tell before that he was not happy and that now he finally was.....does anyone have any advice on what I should do????

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It seems as though you are guessing what is on his mind. Someday after chruch, ask him to go for coffee, and that there is a few things you would like to get clear.


Put some closure on it. Get him to tell you if there is shot at moving forward or not. Listen to that answer. If he says no, don't go making yourself crazy by reading mixed messages or anything like that.


When you are asking him for coffee, make sure you are clear that it is a closure meeting, and it is something you need to do.



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