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First post summertime


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Its just that nobody understands me and I don't want to hurt her feelings by talking to her about her.


I think you'd be surprised at the wisdom you can find on these forums. Maybe you're right and I can't understand you. If that's the case, I'd love for you to enlighten me so that perhaps I might be able to one day understand you.


Even if I can't help maybe someone can. Besides you have to remember everyone here was young once and though times do change you'll find that age helps with understanding.


Don't worry about people not being able to understand you here. You're not alone. You're among friends.

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That's odd why do you believe that she will never respond again? What did she say after you told her you loved her?


There is no way that telling someone you love them would lead them to hate you... that's irrational. You must have said something else if she truly hates you.


So what's the rest of the story I'm dying to know!

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No not at all she obviously needs some time to mull this over. Honestly to have someone tell you that they love you is a lot to hear. It's never a bad thing but it can be a confusing thing. It could cause her to run away. If she's afraid you're becoming far too attached then she might get scared off.


Love isn't a bomb so to speak it's an emotional modifier. If you love someone then whether you're hurt or happy you feel it far more strongly. That said prepare yourself for whatever response might be around the corner, but don't just give up hope. You have to understand that people need time her answer could make or break your relationship and I'm sure she's aware of that.


So give her the benefit of the doubt and wait it out.

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