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WHY do i always choose the wrong one?!?


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I'm gonna say sorry now just incase I babble on a bit; so sorry

WHY do I always pick the wrong one?


Ok here's the deal, I've been talking to this guy (via text, lets call him nick); for the past 2 months, we have only met up a few time but only as large group of mates, never just the 2 of us. He seems strange and like i dont know and it feels as if he isnt the person who wrote the texts he's different!


Here's the prob: over the fone everything seems fine and we get on, but when we are 2gether thing just goes too weird we cant seem to talk to one another the convo just goes blank (that's the only way I can put it)


My friend just had her b-day , so she had a sleepover with all her mates (guys n girls stayed), it was a freezing nite mainly b/c we were in about 4 tents but hey, the girls n lads weren't supposed to mix (in the tents) but by the end of the nite we were all so cold we all just went into any tent. ne way 'nick' went as well so I thought that it would be a gd chance to talking n get to know him a lil better, but it just didn't happen, we spent the whole entire nite @ the opposite sides of the room. It just didn't seem like a normal 'relationship' (I don't even know if I can call it that).


We all went to bed @ about 4ish in the morn.

This is where it gets hard:

ppl who were seein ppl shared a tent with one another and the rest of us when with ne one, 'nick' n I didn't share a tent. Instead I went with one of his mates (lets call him scott) and one of my best mates who I have known for about . . . well as long as I can remember really n we had a great time. During the whole nite we watched loads of scary films n 'scott' n I were sat on the sofa holding hand n talking (that even more intimate than what me n 'nick' have been, just shows how close we really are, I guess) ne way I guess what I am tryin to say is, 'nick' isn't the one I want to be with I don't think that I like him that way. ppl say that they miss a person's text when they finish with some1 but I haven't spoken to 'nick' (by text in like 2 weeks(i had no £)) so does confirm that I don't like him in that way?


What I am trying to say is that I really like 'scott' but theres a prob; they are best mate, n I don't know how to tell 'nick' that I don't like him like that. AND I want to know if you think that I should tell 'scott' that I like him?


Wot do ya think I should do? (that is if ya have carried on reading all this and havent fallen asleep )

Sorry again for talking soo much


Any advice would be appreciated


(aka _ Lee)

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I know how you're feeling.. it's the same thing it happened to me quite a while ago..




If I were you...

I would just tell "scott" what I feel for him... as for the other guy, well, maybe just leave him alone for some time and then one day when you both feel like talking about it... talk!

There just doesn't seem to be the same kind of feeling between you and the 2 guyz



remember that sometimes the hardest things to say are the things ppl need to hear the most


Hope it worked

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Hey again,

thanks for the advice Inkognito; but i still have one prob, i see him pretty much every week and also with them being good mates i dont want it to affect/ruin their friendship, i dont want to hurt him i know that i have got to tell him sometime but i just dont know when and how!!!!



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First: if they're really best mates as they appear to be, their friendship won't be ruined (at least forever... maybe at first they will discuss it, but then...).

Second: since mr N.., what's his name... doesn't seem to care much about your relationship (or he's chronically shy once he's w/ a girl... as I used to be w/ guyz... but this is another story...), he won't be surprised at your reaction...

Third: talk to your Mr S about this, if you feel it could help, and ask for advice: tell him everythinggggg, and see his point of view.. he could help!


Bottom line: do what your heart tells you...


and.. as your sn tells: JUST SMILE!!





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thanks again i think that i am goin to take your advide and just follow my heart next time we meet up i am going to tell him.


ill go there 'blind' and say what every comes out from my heart.


i hope that your right about their friendship remaining


wish me look,

thanks for all the advice i have just realised that this is my 13th post (if am right) i hope it doesnt bring bad look on the situation.



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Dearest Just smile,

We always tend to get, what we focus in on. A mate from hell, focus on the mate you I know, I've been there. But we get caught up in emotions and we just go with it. Sometimes we don't even stop to think, we just feel.

Make the best of it and learn from your mistakes to never get into a pattern again.


Be Well,


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