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What should I know about getting braces?

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Hi everyone!,


I've recently decided to get braces to fix up my smile a little bit because I currently have a underbite and some crowding on the bottom portion of my teeth. My teeth look pretty good, but they could be better. I would like to know the answers to a few basic questions, since I'm not really knowledgeable about braces at all.




How much can braces improve a smile? For some reason I can't get a big smile without forcibly stretching the sides of my mouth. Maybe it's because of the underbite or the jaw?


How much time does it take if my teeth relatively straight?


About how much do braces cost? Range?


What kinds of things should I consider when choosing an orthodontist?


Any new fangled technologies besides headgear and all that metal?





Thanks! I am definitely planning to get braces, so I just want to be a bit more informed. I realize I should probably see an orthodontist as advice on teeth depends on a case by case basic, but a general low down would be great.



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Yes, I'm sorry if others disagree but seek a private practice. I've had baaaaaaad experiences with the NHS.


It can take, on average, from 6-18 months. Sometimes longer.


Remember, the orthadontist will know your mouth BETTER than you. They will see flaws that you cant. An underbite or jaw problem is better to get fixed to save long term hassle.


Where do you live? (if you dont mind me asking)


No headgear anymore, lol! Traintracks or tubular, normally. Some are very dicrete!

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Ahh...dammit, not too clear on American practices. But I'm sure they're pretty much the same as the UK.


You can: google orthadontic practices near you. ask around for recommendations at uni. GO WITH YOUR GUT INSTINCT.


Make sure the practices recommended/practices you find:

-Keeps you informed as to what treatment they're undertaking

-Keeps you informed on the progress of your teeth, continually

-STICKS TO THE SAME ORTHADONTIST (Mine changed every other flaming month due to 'unforeseen circumstances')

-Is clean and respectable. The obvious one.

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