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I have been with my g/f for 2 years. Something that im confused on though is how often should you spend time with them? I want to hang out with her right now and i doubt she is doing anything but I dont want to call because I feel like im the one who always makes the plans and gets us together. I feel as if she doesnt care that much whenever shes free and doesnt want to be together even tho I know its normal to want space. How often should we hang out and should I just not call her till she does to get her to ask me to do something?

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How about you just call her to talk to her. Not necessarily to go and hang out with her. I feel like I'm always the one calling and texting my bf but I know that he enjoys it just as much as I do, even though I do feel a little clingy sometimes. But if she's acting more distant towards you and says she's busy when you want to see her, maybe this is something you should talk about.

Good luck!

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