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I liken eNotalone to an airport...


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The stopovers, we might not see them again, but they were here, and hopefully we helped them find their flight to sunnier shores.


The frequent fliers, who always seem to be sitting in the terminal between flights looking for advice or dealing out little pearls of wisdom to the passerbys, or just bumming around in the off-topic lounge.


The Royal Members, dedicated air traffic controllers sitting in their tower who guide us through the clouds and stormy weather to a safe landing. (I would have crashed my plane ages ago if not for you guys!


The Moderators, hooning around in their little airport buggies with constant vigil, keeping the trolls and spammers at bay with their scary nightsticks. (Great job guys! ^_^)


And then there are the Admins, who tirelessly built the airport that is eNotalone, and watch over it benevolently as passangers disembark, prepare to set off, or settle in for a brief layover here at life's little terminal.


I don't know if this is strictly poetry, but this is how I think of eNotalone, and I wanted to show my appreciation. This is a great site guys! =D

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