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She makes me crazy...

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I am going to start this by saying I am crazy about this girl. None else has ever made me feel like this, or made me want to work so hard to make it...work.


However, she makes me crazy. She cannot make up her damn mind. I have known her for a couple years, and always thought she was special, but it was never the right time. During the summer we began to hang out more frequently and exclusivly. Things developed and soon we had feelings for each other. But she was not ready. We agreed to keep hanging out as friends and see what happened. We goto the same college so distance during school wouldnt be a problem, however course loads, conflicting scheduals etc could have been. However things seemed to work out well, and we grew closer and closer, until we began seeing each other. As things developed we had in depth conversations along the way, so we knew where we both stood, and how we felt etc.


We have develped a connection that I have with nobody else. I can talk to this girl about anything, any problems i have, any problems she has, and problems we have as a couple are easily resolved before they become anyhting to worry about. I have been understanding and patient and have let her basically go at her own pace. Knowing that she is the one who wasn't ready, I thought letter her make relationship decisions was the best move.


But she is SO unsure of what she wants.


With any other girl I would ahve given up loooong ago, but somthing keeps telling me to hold on, to be there, to basically put up with her But I am at my wits end with all of this. All I want is to be with her, but she is still reluctant to go into this. I wait because what we have, when we have it, I wouldnt trade for anyhting else, and it seems worth it. But I think I might just lose my mind here lol. I am not sure what kind of advice im looking for here exacttly, perhapse just a good vent is all I needed... can anyone relate to this?

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My guess is that she's just young and got some growing up to do. You'll either have to accept it or find someone more grown up.


I'm 51 and I still have doubts about where I want to go in the future. But I want the future to include my wife and daughter.

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