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Hello Everyone!


I really apologize for this being so long......



I just had a bad night and felt like venting my frustrations a little bit. I am a dance teacher, and tonight I guess you could say I had my first "bad" class of the year. First of all, half of my class was not there. The girls who were there were being so disrespectful. They kept talking over me and goofing off when I was showing them a new step. I yelled at them for talking a couple times, and that worked for about 5 minutes. About 40 minutes into the class, I was going over showing them how to do a proper split and they were just all over the place. Finally, I got so frustrated I told them, "oh my goodness, I seriously want to just end class now....no one is listening to me, and we have wasted five minutes getting to one position". They are a good group of girls, really they are, and after my little lecture they got better.


This is where my frustration really kicks in. We were going over a new step in tap, and I had them do it one at a time so I could see what each person needed to work on. One girl only did the step halfway down the room. I try not to let people get away with only going halfway, and then just walking off to the side without finishing. I told her to come back and do a few more and she flat out refused. She kept saying she was going to fall, and she was really afraid she was going to fall. I don't know if there is really something behind this. She seems to have more trouble paying attention and she was so insistent that she was going to fall. I was afraid to push her too much, but she sometimes seems to be a little on the lazy side and I didn't want her to get away with this if it was just an excuse to not work on something that was a little frustrating. I kept asking her if it was really such a problem to do even two more, and she refused. I then told that class that time was up and they could go. Time really was up, but I hate that the class ended on a bad note. I wish I would have handled the situation better. I wish I would have done one more thing to end it on a positive note and now I'm just annoyed with myself and how the night went! It felt like my class was so NOT fun tonight and now I'm just in a bad mood. Rahhh!


Oh yeah....this is my teen/adult class!

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When I was isolent in class, my teachers took hot irons to my feet. You should try that.


Also there seems to be some kind of cold/flu going around.


1/2 the people in my Mixed Martial Arts class have been out because of it.


Sorry to hear class was frustrating, sometimes you just can't force a person to give 100% effort (thats where the irons come in)

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